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Morag Brand Case Study

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Active Mortgage's Success in Facilitating a Challenging Mortgage Acquisition

Morag Brand

A self-employed individual with a decade of experience had recently returned to the UK after living abroad. Although her banking activities and financial affairs were based in the UK, Morag had established her business officially only 18 months ago. With a desire to transition from renting to homeownership, Morag encountered a significant obstacle—the inability to secure a mortgage due to her relatively short self-employment tenure.
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The Challenge

Morag’s established banking institution, where she had maintained a loyal relationship for over 20 years, was unable to assist her due to the standard requirement of a two-year business history. Faced with the prospect of continuing to rent and the resulting temporary nature of her situation, Morag sought a solution that would enable her to fulfill her aspirations of homeownership.

The Solution

Referrals from trusted acquaintances led Morag to Active Mortgage, a reputable brokerage renowned for its expertise and exceptional service. Recognizing the urgency and complexity of her situation, Morag reached out to Active Mortgage, specifically engaging with Gary and his proficient team.

Active Mortgage swiftly and meticulously assessed Morag’s unique circumstances. They demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies surrounding her self-employment history, financial inflows, and banking activities. In providing Morag with detailed information and guidance, Active Mortgage not only addressed her immediate concerns but also preemptively answered her anticipated questions. This level of expertise and preparedness instilled a deep sense of confidence in Morag, establishing Active Mortgage as the preferred choice for navigating the challenges ahead.

Throughout the entire process, Active Mortgage exhibited exemplary professionalism, responsiveness, and a proactive approach. Communication channels remained open and accessible, with the team promptly attending to Morag’s inquiries, regardless of their significance. The support provided by Active Mortgage significantly alleviated the inherent stress associated with purchasing a property. Morag noted the team’s consistent availability and willingness to keep her informed at every stage, granting her peace of mind during this transformative journey.

Moreover, the stringent timeframe imposed by the seller necessitated a swift completion before the approaching Christmas season. Active Mortgage, cognizant of this critical deadline, acted with remarkable efficiency. Their commitment to expediting the mortgage acquisition process resulted in a successful completion within the specified timeframe, enabling Morag to secure her desired property without compromise.

The Results

Active Mortgage’s unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge, and proficient execution led to the successful acquisition of a mortgage for Morag, despite the complex challenges posed by her relatively short self-employment history. By transcending the limitations imposed by traditional lending institutions, Active Mortgage empowered Morag to achieve her long-awaited goal of homeownership.

The seamless collaboration between Morag and Active Mortgage showcased the brokerage’s ability to navigate intricate scenarios, going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Morag’s experience serves as a testament to Active Mortgage’s commitment to excellence, exceptional customer service, and their innate ability to deliver results within demanding timeframes.

Morag wholeheartedly recommends Active Mortgage and praises the exceptional service provided by Gary and his dedicated team. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to meeting clients’ needs set them apart from other market players. For anyone seeking mortgage assistance, Morag emphatically advises considering Active Mortgage as the ultimate partner in navigating the complexities of mortgage acquisition.

Active Mortgages - The UK's Leading Mortgage & Finance Specialists

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