Find Out How Much You Could Save with a Remortgage

Don’t miss out on the latest interest rates & potential savings! Discover how remortgaging can transform your financial future.

remortgaging slash your monthly payments
Daniel Couchman
Daniel Couchman
12 January 2024
This review is long overdue - Active mortgages got us our dream home! I spoke with around 7 different brokers from different companies which didn’t know what they were talking about but then I found Simon at active - he was straight to the point and got us the best deal and the highest amount possible. I got a bit impatient at one point but that was due to the banks taking ages to process everything - active were calm and reassured us. Highly recommended. Excellent from start to finish Even sent us a gift for Xmas - thank you!
Meena Kanagavel
Meena Kanagavel
2 January 2024
Jamie Murray from Active Mortgages has been amazing in setting up the VAT loan, whilst we purchased our Land. Right from the start, Jamie has been proactive in finding the correct (BEST) deals for us and ensured everyone is aligned to complete on time. Highly recommend using Active Mortgages, and we would certainly be using them again for future projects.Thanks once again Jamie for all your support throughout Dec, appreciate your efforts in making sure our purchase was done on time. Many thanks Meena (and Mark Jones)
Stefan Stancila
Stefan Stancila
21 December 2023
Comprehensive advice from Jamie & easy communication through remortgage process . Recommend!
Yasmin Bates
Yasmin Bates
20 December 2023
Jamie has made the whole process of buying a house very straightforward, especially for self employed. Would 100% recommend and would use again too!
19 December 2023
Good experience, helped us every step of the way.
darren john coggins
darren john coggins
12 December 2023
Dan has been great from start to finish. As a first time buyer it can be quite overwhelming and confusing but Dan has went above and beyond. His process was very easy, efficient and we could not recommend him enough!
7 December 2023
Excellent service, hard working staff
akinlami akinwale
akinlami akinwale
7 December 2023
Excellent service, very patient and willing to help staff
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett
5 December 2023
Dan has been great from the first phone call. He has made everything simple and taken the time to explain everything to me as a first time buyer, answering any questions I have along the way, highly recommend
james whitaker
james whitaker
31 October 2023
Great professional service highly recommended for anything financial

When Should I Remortgage?

Firstly, it’s crucial to review the terms of your current mortgage deal and note when it’s due to expire. If prevailing interest rates are lower than your current rate, this is most likely an opportune time to explore remortgage, potentially resulting in reduced monthly payments.

How Can I Find The Best Remortgage Deal?

Our team of expert advisers diligently tracks the ever-evolving mortgage market to ensure you receive the most competitive rates and terms available. With our guidance, you can save significantly on your monthly payments or pay off your mortgage sooner, putting your hard-earned money back in your pocket.

Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and find out how you can save money. 

What does remortgaging mean?

Remortgaging involves transferring your current mortgage to a new lender and/or interest rate, using the same property as security. By remortgaging, you have the potential to make substantial savings throughout your mortgage loan term by reducing your monthly mortgage. There is almost an option called a product transfer with your existing lender. 

As a team of professional mortgage advisers we will review your circumstances and discuss all potential options to find you the most suitable and lowest interest rate.

  • Current deal ending: Secure a lower interest rate.
  • Increased property value: Get better rates with a lower Loan-to-Value.
  • Competitive alternatives: Find cost-effective options.
  • Pay off mortgage faster: Choose a flexible provider.
  • Release equity: Access cash for home improvements.
  • Leverage savings: Reduce interest with offset mortgages.
  • Debt consolidation: Lower monthly expenses.
  • Improve service: Switch to a provider with a better reputation.

3 Simple Steps To A Successful Remortgage Application

Finding you suitable repayment terms, competitive interest rates and expert guidance throughout the mortgage process

1. Enquire

Complete the quick and easy form to see the available mortgage products that suit you

2. Assessment

We will handle all the necessary paperwork and manage your entire mortgage application

3. Mortgage Offer & Complete

Start enjoying the benefits of your new mortgage

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to Remortgage…

Remortgaging at the current rates can shield you from a significant increase in monthly mortgage payments that would be more expensive.

Property owners are taking advantage right now before it’s too late by:

Don’t wait for interest rates to get even higher. Find out how much you could save today by contacting a member of our team.

mortgage award
mortgage award
mortgage guide ebook

Don’t fall foul of the most common mistakes that we have seen

These mistakes may seem minor but can have a big impact on your chances of mortgage success, getting that vital dream home or reduced monthly payment.

It outlines

  • Each of the 7 mistakes and how you can avoid them
  • A complete list of the documentation required for a successful application
  • Time and money-saving advice
  • Tips for success

Don’t miss out on this great resource that will guide you down the right road to home ownership.

Reduce Your Mortgage Payments By Avoiding These 7 Common Mistakes

mortgage guide ebook

These common mistakes can significantly influence your prospects of securing a self-employed mortgage, enabling you to attain that cherished dream home or enjoy reduced monthly payments.

This guide encompasses:

  1. The breakdown of 7 common errors and strategies to sidestep them.
  2. A comprehensive checklist of the necessary documentation for a successful application.
  3. Valuable insights that save both time and money.
  4. Proven tips for triumphing in your journey towards self-employed homeownership.


Don’t let this invaluable resource slip through your fingers. It’s your compass on the path to self-employed mortgage eligibility and finding mortgage lenders who cater to self-employed individuals. Discover the key to success in ‘Getting a mortgage when self-employed’, and benefit from expert self-employed mortgage advice to reach your homeownership goals.

Can I Remortgage?

At Active Financial, we tackle the primary concerns that may deter individuals from partnering with us: trust, affordability, flexibility, simplicity, and reliability.

Rest assured, we’ve assisted numerous individuals in realising their property aspirations. It’s your turn to get the best deal with Active Financial.